Property Management

Monthly plans that include all necessary services to keep your property in prime conditions whilst keeping all bills up to date.



· Fresh & vent

· Regular inspections

· All housekeeping included

· Preventive maintenance programs

· Gardening and pool cleaning

· Online client's portal

· Concierge services

· Monthly reports

Top Housekeeping

Our team is trained with 5-star hotel quality standards and laundry is done offsite featuring crisp linens and fluffy towels every time you and guests arrive home. 

You Ask, We Take Care

We are always ready to process any request from you, whether it's to coordinate deliveries; supervise tasks; do personal shopping; upgrades; translation services... you name it.

Tailor-made Insurance Coverage

We offer different property and liability insurance policies

made particularly for homeowners like you.


Preventive, Not Corrective

All our plans include preventive maintenance programs that saves you tons of money of repairs in the future, and if something unexpected comes up, our team of handymen is always ready to assess the problem.

Keep Your Expenses Low

Our administrative team analyzes monthly expenses and annual revenue reports with one goal in mind: to keep increasing your profit margin. 

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